Most independent films never

Most independent films never see the light of day.  The overwhelming majority of independent films never make a profit or see any kind of meaningful distribution. Most independent films are only watched by friends, family and audiences at second-tier film festivals, and then disappear completely. ImageWith the overload of low-to-no budget films being whisked out at unprecedented rates, the number of “orphan movies” is probably bigger than ever – and there are no stats available for them, because these films tend to vanish and don’t leave much in the way of a paper trail.

In our opinion, we’ll never know why some make it and some don’t.  But we’re certain that it’s not a Hollywood or Hollywood”Not” thing.  It’s about making a great movie and telling a great story.  Stick to your guns and the basics and get it right.  Be smart about what you’re doing and don’t give in too fear or doubt.  And whatever you do, don’t rely on everyone else to approve of what you’re doing or do the work for you, just do what you know needs to be done to tell the story you want to tell.  The good ones will rise to the top.


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