Wrong Question!

We’ve heard industry leaders say they get asked one question as much as all other questions put together.Image

That question is “Which camera should I use?”  Heck, we’ve asked that question to ourselves a thousand times.  There’s so many great cameras and so many options.  Choosing the camera you want to you for the project you want to use it for is obviously key.  But if you’re like us, we can change our mind often enough.

Those same executives have said, in the the same sentence, “we intend to change that.”  How they plan to do that, we have no idea, yet.  But it sounds intriguing.  Maybe everything going to straight up HD is the answer to that one.

This wrong question might be just the question you need when figuring out your style of story telling – which is yet another conversation to embark.  So, for the wrong question…What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Wrong Question!”

    1. Thanks for your comment. You had a great article. And yeah it’s crazy – speaking from my own experiences – how much time is really spent on exactly that one thing and how it’s even harder not to think about it. It’s like it’s bred into our DNA or something…

      1. Haha yeah. I mean, I can definitely see the mindset; having a camera the pros use should make your movie more professional. But it’s like using any tool. You gotta learn the basics first, otherwise you’re just playing the “who’s got a bigger dick” game

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