You Can Cast Better Actors

Most independent filmmakers have very poor judgement when it comes to choosing actors.

ImageWith so many talented actors of all types, even at the most accessible levels, there is no excuse for all the bland casting we see in so many films today, especially independent films.  As James Cameron once said, “Good enough isn’t.” And It really isn’t.  Stop settling and work overtime to find the best!  It took Franco Zeffirelli almost a year to find his perfect Juliet for his “Romeo and Juliet”.  A pretty young actress who could do a good job wasn’t enough for him; he wanted Juliet herself, the real deal, without compromise.  Finding her took some effort.

So here’s the solution:  If you’re not sure where you stand with it, collaborate with a professional casting director. They earn a living by having good taste in actors.  And they typically always do!


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