Color Is A Friend

As a director, you can make your work stand out from the rest by developing a good mastery over color and design.  It’s a challenge.  But good news: this is fun and cheap to do — all it takes is some aesthetic sense and time spent browsing art and design publications.


We recently did a search on the iPad for art and design publications.  As you probably already know, there’s tons of them to generate ideas.  We were recently introduced to The Decorista.  It’s a really great place to start.  Directors all have some sort of aesthetic sense, even if you don’t consider yourself a designer.  Our opinion is, simply sharpen and strengthen those qualities. And seriously, It’s pretty fun!  It may even give you ideas for the script your using and/or writing for your project.  Most filmmakers don’t bother with it.  We think this kind of investment will give you a decent edge.  Do not underestimate the power of eye candy.

And just another small tidbit, A stylish reel is a reel that goes off on a great start – and directors work or languish on the strength or weakness of their reel.


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