Paul Schrader on the Future of Film

As part of the IFP’s Future of Entertainment series, screenwriter, director and film critic Paul Schrader discussed the future of film in conversation with Marc Schiller, CEO of Bond Strategy and Influence, at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP. Here are some of the highlights.

How storytelling is changing: 

“The traditional three-act story is going to be in a way like Bruce Springsteen or YouTube – it’s going to be a specialized thing.”

Film criticism has changed:

Schrader, who started out his career as a film critic, said we are in an age of “crowdsourcing criticism.”

Theaters need to “eventize” cinema:

“If you want me to go to a theater, you need a pretty good reason,” said Schrader, who praised the Angelika, IFC and Lincoln Center where specialized screenings are “still alive and well…. These places with Q&As and a drink afterwards, it’s more of a reason to leave your home…The idea of the multiplex is dead. The multiplexes don’t have anything to offer.”

Technology is the future:

“If I were your age, I’d be writing code,” said Schrader, who announced his plan to be a part of the new wave of 4k filmmaking. “My idea is to create a program to design a film for 4k.”

“If Fellini were alive, how would he tell ‘La Dolce Vita?'” Schrader asked rhetorically. As a film or “a 3-hour web series?”

Special thanks to Indiewire for this one.


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